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Electric Industrial Ovens

Prapan Enterprises has been involved in designing and manufacturing of Industrial grade Ovens since
1980s. All our ovens are designed and manufactured to meet our customer’s need. Our ovens are used
for industrial applications, including curing, drying, preheating, ageing, tempering and annealing, in
the processing, packaging, plastics, rubber, automotive and metal working industries. The Ovens are
manufactured as per International Safety Norms.

Salient Features

  • SS Structural unit that is built to last
  • Effective air distribution
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple and Complex control systems available
  • Safe Operation and easy maintenance
  • Made with the best quality parts

Other Features

  • Zone temperatures (multiple heat zones)
  • Process Time
  • Circulating Fan Speeds
  • Extended loading and unloading zones
  • Special belt construction or attachments
  • Cooling zones to reduce part temperature


  • Annealing – heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness.
  • Curing – controlled heating of a substance to promote or control a chemical reaction
  • Drying – removal of moisture(water that is not chemically bound)
  • Baking – heating to a low temperature in order to remove entrained gases
  • Sterilization – eliminates or kills all forms of life present on a product
  • Depyrogenation – the use of dry heat at high temperatures to destroy pyrogens
  • Burn- In Testing – process of stressing components to test for failure
  • Heat Treating – changing metal properties such as hardness, strength, flexibility and stress resistance.
  • Aging – rapid weathering of metal to achieve a stable surface condition