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Cabinet Oven

These chambers are designed to meet your most demanding needs. Our precision engineering, heavy duty
construction and exceptional performance along with a variety of airflow patterns and optional equipment provide
the right solution for your heat processing requirements. Standard sizes range from 3.3 cuft up to 96 cuft and
standard temperatures up to 500 degree celcius

Technical Features

  • Compact model with user friendly PLC system
  • High volume recirculation blowers or fans
  • Batch Timer- Shuts heat off at the end of a timed cycle (on models with single set point controllers only)
  • Incoloy sheathed or SS 316 heating elements
  • SS interior

Optional Features

  • Frame and Covers can be made out of SS if required.
  • Programmable Controller
  • Shelves
  • Alarm Indicator
  • Custom designs
  • Different airflow patterns will change the externalsize, external size is figured with a 14” dia control panel on the right side.
  • Optional KW available