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Prapan Enterprises offers a wide range of Pay-Offs & Take Ups to support any application in the production of Winding Wires, Power cable, Steel wire rope, Telecommunication cables or any other industry where continuous production is desired. Ease of use, reliability, and robustness are the cornerstones in which our Pay-Offs & Take Ups are designed and tested. With reel ranges from Ø500mm to Ø2500mm, weighing up to several tonnes and a variety of options & features, Prapan Enterprises offers the best solutions to ensure the consistent production of quality products.
Available in a variety of standard configurations Prapan Enterprises’s Pay-Offs & Take Ups can also be modified to fit a specific application or purpose-built to meet even the most challenging requirements.
• Flyer Pay-Offs & Take Ups
• Whiskers Type Pay-off
• Shaftless / Pintle Type Pay-off & Take Ups
• Portal / Gantry Pay-off & Take Ups
• Reel Traversing Take Ups

Horizontal Take Up

Horizontal Take Up



Single Vertical Take Up


Whiskers Type

Whiskers type