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Electric Steam Generator

Technical Features

  • Compact model with user friendly PLC system
  • Split Tanks: – This offers better control over the water level and hence increases the life of heating elements considerably.
  • Miniature boiler with saturated steam, operating range 0 to 85 psig
  • Max safety valve setting 100 psi
  • Fully Automatic with Low water level cutoff, High pressure cutoff
  • Manual Resetting possible.

Technical Specification

Model No Steam Production
Max Operating Pressure(BAR) Connected Load(KW) Water Inlet Size Steam Outlet Size
SG05012 16 5 12 1/2”BSP 1/2”BSP
SG05018 24 5 18 1/2”BSP 1/2”BSP
SG05034 33 5 24 1/2”BSP 1/2”BSP
SG05030 41 5 30 1/2”BSP 1/2”BSP
SG05036 49 5 36 1/2”BSP 1/2”BSP
SG05048 65 5 48 1/2”BSP 1/2”BSP

Note : These are standard specifications commonly used in various purposes. We can supply as per customer requirements.

Optional Features

  • Multi-stage heating :- This increases life of Heating Elements as well as reduces Electricity consumption.
  • Trolley Mounted :- This helps in movement of the equipment easier.
  • Super-heated Steam :- The steam generator can be supplied with a special super heater tank to produce a dry superheated steam , as per customers requirements.
  • Operating Pressure :- Up to 8 Bar (above atmospheric pressure)
  • Automatic Steam Outlet – Solenoid Valve is used at steam outlet which is operated on pressure or temperature sensor thus making Steam Generator fully automatic.
  • Frame and Covers can be made out of SS if required.


We have supplied steam generators to various industries for diversified applications such as,

  • Process Steam—Annealing, Moulding, Vulcanization.
  • Autoclave and Sterilization
  • Air Humidification
  • Dry Cleaning , Vessels Cleaning etc.
  • Jewelry Cleaning
  • Laboratory Purpose
  • Food Services