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Key Differences: Clean Steam & Pure Steam

Clean steam and  Pure steam terminologies are usually mixed between the two, without any definite difference between the two. Expressions pure steam and clean steam are used repeatedly, but is seldom clear whether these two expressions mean the same thing. Not simple to answer this question. Good manufacturing practices often use the term clean steam without any further explanation.

Pure steam is steam that has been specifically treated to remove all impurities, while clean steam is steam that has been treated to remove most impurities. There are a few key differences between pure and clean steam, which are important to understand to choose the right type of steam for your needs.

Pure or clean steam does not contain any additives and created by heating a specific purified water, not like a utility steam. This is a purified water through a specific steam generator, pure or clean steam generator, which is typically made of stainless steel, to produce a high quality steam that is free of any chemicals or additives. You cannot take utility steam and make a clean steam or pure steam. You have to have a specific steam generator using specific purified water to produce clean or pure steam.

The choice of steam generator mainly based on end use. If end product required strict endotoxin levels then you should go for Pure Steam Generator. Electric Steam Generator with all SS wetted part provides clean steam used in pharmaceutical or food industry in sterilizer, autoclaves, packaging lines etc.

Clean steam is prepared by separate designated steam generator by heating purified water (PW), demineralized water (DM) and passing through Stainless Steal wetted parts only. Pure steam is generated by vaporizing water and does not come into contact with any surfaces before reaching the equipment, ensuring there are no contaminants in the steam.

The advantage of using pure steam is that it is guaranteed to be free of contaminants that could potentially affect sterilization. The disadvantage is that it is much more expensive to generate and store than clean steam. The advantage of using clean steam is that it is almost as effective as pure steam in sterilization but is much less expensive to generate and store. The disadvantage is there is a risk of equipment contamination.


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