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Portable Steam Washer & Sanitizer

Introducing the revolutionary ecofriendly car washing system with a range of applications, deep interior cleaning and total sanitizing comes with a new innovative technology. Steam is the solution for saving water and eco-friendly substitute for chemicals during car washing. Heat combined with pressure creates a powerful and magical cleaning solution that melts away dirt, grime, oil, tar, bird droppings and tree sap like nothing else can do. Save time and money with a flexible and fast mobile system for a large range of applications.

PRAPAN Steam washer & sanitizer has demonstrated effective cleaning and sanitization by reducing microbial load on car surface by use of only steam with high temperature and pressure. The microbial analysis done before and after steam sanitization and it has shown significant reduction in microbial load on high touch points such as handles.

Key Feature of Portable Steam Washer & Sanitizer

  • Saves time and money with a flexible and mobile system for a large range of applications.
  • Cleaning of dashboard, windows, engine and car interior
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing at the same time without use of chemicals, sanitizing car interior by reducing of germs, bacteria and mites
  • Easy cleaning of difficult to clean parts, which are almost impossible to reach
  • Steam is a safe and user friendly technology and does not damage paint on cars
  • Easy installation, Safe operation, adjustable settings
  • Low maintenance and saves water so most economical and eco-friendly system
  • Ideal for a large range of vehicles

We really hope that our steam sanitizer will be of great use with respect to your safety and health. So hurry n grab the introductory great deal! Cheers!

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  • Excellent product! Very quick and user friendly experience.
    Highly recommended 👍

  • admin
  • Wav! Very useful and ecofriendly steam sanitizer! Quick and effective for cleaning , killing microbes too!

  • admin
  • Well Done! It’s one of the best design I have seen so far in the #highpressurecleaning equipment.

  • admin
  • Wonderful! Easy to use and effective steam sanitizer! It’s quite handy.. highly recommend this product 👍

  • admin
  • Fantastic product! Highly efficient and easy to use.

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